Dallas and Rich: Dynamic Duo til Death

Dallas and Rich: Dynamic Duo til Death

Update: August 17, 207


What is a person to do when his/her steroid-injecting; selfie-taking internet idol suffers a premature death? Moreover, what is that same person to do when 2 of his/her idols suffer the same tragic death IN THE SAME WEEK???!!!


Earlier in the week, news began to circulate throughout the bodybuilding community that Dallas McCarver choked to death while eating. Among the first to report this news was TMZ Sports; quickly followed by other media sources. Whereas, this is the current cause of death, questions are beginning to surface that challenge this thesis. An alternate proposal claims that Dallas McCarver was under some sort of cardiac distress while he was eating. The intensity of this event may’ve prevented McCarver from adequately swallowing; thereby, precipitating the fatal choking event.


Moreover, others theorize that the degree of upper-body over-build compromises ordinary function of the esophagus. In fact, the esophagus is a muscular swallowing tube who’s functionality may be influenced by steroids that bodybuilders originally dedicate to other muscles. As the user grows pectoral, deltoid, etc… muscle tissue about the esophagus, the tube becomes overwhelmed and potentially distorted. From the pharynx to the stomach, the esophagus performs a series of contractions to move chewed food from the throat to the stomach. At the top of the stomach is the lower esophageal sphincter with a primary purpose of preventing backflow.

Though his residential base was Boca Raton, Dallas McCarver was born on April 9, 1991 in Jackson, Tennessee. He grew up during a time period where the coverage of the bodybuilding scene was transitioning from magazine to digital. This flood of content motivated Dallas to pursue bodybuilding with an endless thirst to be bigger and bigger and bigger. In fact, the 6′-0″ white male had an offseason weight range between 255 lbs – 270 lbs (116 kg – 121 kg).

STEROIDANALYSIS.com continues to follow this case as well as the unique business relationship that Dallas McCarver had with RedCon1.



Just hours following the news of Dallas McCarver’s death, TMZ Sports and THE ONLINE SUN raced to break the news of another well known bodybuilder – Rich Piana. Less of a competitor and more of an internet freak sensation, Rich Piana died this week after spending 3-weeks in a coma. Also based in Florida, Piana suffered a medical emergency in his apartment and was rushed to a local hospital where he was placed in a medically-induced coma. Piana’s girlfriend – Chanel, was on scene during he entire event; providing Rich with a haircut and performing CPR as they waited for medical help to arrive. TMZ Sports further reported that a District Six Medical Examiner in Florida officially declaring Piana’s death Friday morning.

Though some bodybuilding winnings, including Mr. California, are properly captured within his bio, Piana’s following is largely attributed to his flagrant and uncontrolled abuse of steroids. THE SUN reported that, “…a preliminary search at his apartment revealed more than 20 bottles of steroids and a white powder.” With his “Ride or Die” meme, Rich Piana attracted the attention of many young males who sought to replicate his same physical scale and notoriety. At the time of his death, Rich had an Instagram following that exceeded 1 million.


THE SUN reported that, when questioned by police, Chanel admitted that she, and Rich, had been juicing (abusing steroids) for more than 20-years. In fact, Piana openly confessed that his regime consists of “massive steroid cycles”, heavy food intake, homemade protein shakes, and little cardiovascular work. During an interview, Piana implied that he understood the importance of on/off cycles and was resigned to the necessity of steroids if a person wanted to seriously pursue bodybuilding.

In review of his past statements, Piana acknowledged the adverse effects of steroid use by stating, “There’s no reason to do steroids, you’re only hurting your body, you’re hurting yourself.” Despite this realization, Piana continued to abuse steroids and encouraged others to follow his guidance.

What is a person to do when his/her steroid-injecting; selfie-taking internet idol suffers a premature death? Moreover, what is that same person to do when 2 of his/her idols suffer the same tragic death IN THE SAME WEEK!!! Finally, what will that same person do now that he/she knows that their idols were both deceived by a false promise. Now equipped with the fact that their idols paid the ultimate price for pursuing an unworthy cause, will they continue down this path? Will they chart new territory and push their bodies to perform by natural means? Will they Learn?


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