Dallas and Rich: Dynamic Duo til Death


For years, there has been a systematic campaign of ‘dis-information’ that is still being spread throughout the bodybuilding subculture simply to maintain or expand the base of illegal supplement users.  This has resulted in an explosion of healthy young people who are willing to experiment with unknown pharmaceuticals and their potentially catastrophic results.

Sadly, the higher volume of users has translated into an alarming increase in steroid / growth hormone related illnesses and deaths.  Bodybuilders, wrestlers, professional athletes, and typical gym rates fit the common profile of steroid and hormone users.  However, new users fit comprise unconventional profiles including amateur athletes, cheerleaders, those in the pornography trade, soccer moms, beauty pageant contestants, and male-to-male escorts.  Altogether, these users suffer horrible consequences that are trending toward young-aged fatalities.

This site recognizes the degree of preparation that is necessary to meet the fierce competitiveness of organized sport.  Athletes are under constant pressure to partake in illegal doping.  Nonetheless, only the Intellectual Sportsman, only the Inclined Athlete, and only the True Super Hero (with the thirst for knowledge) is able to maneuver beyond his/her temptations for quick gain and on to the spoils of unquestioned victory!

This site will provide product offerings with a bold and positive statement in support of the ‘clean’ athlete.  There will be NO hidden agenda – no drive to demonize the reputations of steroid  growth hormone users.  Frankly, the person who gets busted for using steroids / hormones will destroy his/her credibility better than any website ever can.  The sole purpose of this site is to uplift the clean user’s pain, sweat, and determination while shedding light on the negative ramifications surrounding steroid use.

On this site, information will be presented objectively and in absolute form based upon (a) the findings of medical experts, and (b) unbiased research, and (c) the testimonies from current and former steroid users or family members of dead steroid users.  All claims will be verified before they are ever presented anywhere on this website.