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Cushing, Not Again!


Brian Cushing
NCAA tenure includes: University of Southern California
Drafted in the 1st Round and 15th Overall
Current NFL Team: Houston Texans
Position: Linebacker
Acknowledgments:2009 Defensive Rookie of the Year

Recently, the National Football League (NFL) imposed a 4-game suspension upon Brian Cushing for violation of the league’s policy against controlled substances and performance enhancing drugs.  Brian Cushing will begin his extended vacation at the beginning of the season though some experts prefer that the suspension be applied to the latter half of the season; when absences truly count and are decisive to a team’s playoff prospects.

steroid-hgh brian cushing

Cushing is no stranger to steroid controversy as the same (exact) issue surfaced as he was transitioning from stellar college tenure within the NCAA to professional football.  Brian was found to have failed arbitrary testing while in college.  At that time, results concluded that Brian Cushing was in clear violation of NCAA rules.  However, the ruling was rescinded after officials were heavily pressured by NFL teams who were courting prospects for the upcoming season.

The drug that seems to have snared Cushing is called ‘Human Chorionic Gonadotropin’ (HcG) which is not a steroid but a female fertility pharmaceutical that is to be used in conjunction with steroids.  There are a few purposes for this drug in the sports/entertainment under-world including (a) tricking the body into making new testosterone and (b) an attempt to restore testicular size since nearly 90% of male steroid-users suffer horrible testicular atrophy – shrinkage.  Unfortunately, HcG will NOT reduce the threat of testicular CANCER or inhibit major shortening/thinning of the penis.

HcG has been making its way around the athletic circuit with consequences.  Manny Ramirez of Major League Baseball was suspended for his steroid use which also included HcG.  Jose Canseco was busted while trafficking HcG and other forms of steroids/HGH across the southern American border.  Some of these athletes have admitted to sexual dysfunction and other complications associated with the adverse impact that steroid use has on male sexual reproductive organs.

Photo and some statistics courtesy of BleacherReport.com and ESPN

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