Dallas and Rich: Dynamic Duo til Death

Video Repost: Warning


There was such a strong viewer response to the original post that we were compelled to revisit the imagery contained within the video. We received a very high volume of web fans who both (a) found the video difficult to watch due to the graphic nature of the medical procedure but (b) also found it to be the best form of evidence regarding steroid side-effects.


There are so many reasons why it is truly a bad idea to take steroids and/or human growth hormone without (a) a legitimate reason involving tissue inflamation or serious injury as well as (b) the supervision of a licensed physician who’s purpose is to address an injury/deficiency and (c) not a physician who provides an opportunity.

We came across a video entitled ‘Syntol Bicep’. The imagery falls along the same lines of a documentary about the Guy Who’s Arms Exploded. Unfortunately, ‘Syntol Bicep’ makes the former documentary look like a Saturday cartoon show.

Please view this linked image at your own discretion. SteroidAnalysis.com believes that the image would speak volumes to the fact that steroid/HGH use is tremendously damaging to the body. We can not determine whether the procedure is a part of doping or if it is an attempt to rectify a previous doping cycle.

Nonetheless, you are now fully informed of what you’re about to view.

Be advised: This is very difficult to watch!  Be advised!

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