Dallas and Rich: Dynamic Duo til Death


Staten Island, New York is notorious for its hardcore gyms and the easy access to steroids & HGH. Unfortunately, provisions of the bodybuilding subculture became too much for Joseph Baglio (shown right with dog) who died on March 2007 of massive heart failure. It is worth mention that heart failure/attack as well as strokes are common & lethal side effects among all steroid users.

At some point in 2005, Baglio established a connection with Dr. Richard Lucente (shown left) for the expressed purpose of supplying anabolic steroids in accordance to Baglio’s ongoing bodybuilding aspirations. Certainly, Lucente was to be Baglio’s replacement and/or alternate supplier as he’d already been successfully obtaining and using steroids for several years prior.
Doctor Dead Builder

Major damage was already being done to Baglio’s internal organs including his circulatory system. Joseph Baglio was 39 years of age in 2006 and logged his first major heart attack with resulting heart transplant. At this point, a completely logical person might say, “…gee, I almost bit the bullet here. I’ve had enough!” No…not Joseph Baglio nor Dr. Richard Lucente who immediately provides Baglio with even more steroids and human growth hormones.

Everyone knows that most bodybuilding competitions involve more than oiling, weigh-ins, posing, and trophy presentations. Most consumers of steroids know to develop consumer/supplier relationships at bodybuilding events (natural through untested competitions). Typically, the preshow affairs such as lobby area meetings, exhibit spaces, adjacent hotel rooms, etc… are the best venues to either make arrangements or to collect goods. Public restrooms and/or hotel rooms are often used for privacy as the pharmaceuticals are being injected. Porters continue to find syringes and bloody cotton swabs on bathroom floors following such festivities.

It was reported that Joseph Baglio first began to exhibit symptoms of his fatal heart attack while manning the MET-Rx booth during the annual Arnold Classic that is held in Columbus, Ohio. Amidst spectators, an ambulance was called onto the scene which rushed the bodybuilder from the venue to Ohio State University Hospital where he later died.

Dr. Richard Lucente’s involvement in Baglio’s death is becoming clearer as court room proceedings continue. Allegedly, Lucente was a part of an underground bodybuilding network whereby amateur, professional, and wanna be’ bodybuilders were supplied an array of performance enhancing drugs. Lucente’ owned a bogus pharmacy in Brooklyn, NY and his fate is scheduled to be soon decided in the court system.

To those who believe that Baglio’s example is unique, think again! Think of Lou Ferrigno and Kris Dim as your living examples. In fact, Kris Dim is an Asian young man who suffered a major rupture of the aorta which immediately resulted in life-threatening stroke. Unable to do the simplest of things such as maintain personal hygiene, Dim was given a second chance at life. What is Kris Dim doing now? Well, it has been reported that Kris Dim is back on steroids and competing in bodybuilding shows again. For the interested reader, his long scar remains down the middle of his chest; caused by surgeons who were forced to split his chest in the frantic effort to save his life.


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