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Is Benson Roid Ragin’ or just BAD?

In June of this year (2010), Cincinnati Bengals Running Back – Cedric Benson was arrested in Austin, Texas for assault at a local bar.  It seems as though the player’s negative interaction with local law enforcement is increasing after his 2008 removal from the Chicago Bears.  At that time, Benson accrued a few interactions with police after the interaction of vehicles, alcohol, and bad attitude(s).

In 2008, Benson was able to secure a limited contract with the Cincinnati Bengals where his performance spiked notably despite injuries.  Adding to the mystery, Cedric Benson visited the Houston Texans organization following the 2008 NFL season and his statistics even improved more following the off-season visit.  Note, members of the Houston Texans were suspected of providing their players steroids and HGH (see Brian Cushing) and some of their players were also named as customers in a drug bust that also involved the Dallas Cowboys as well as Atlanta Falcons (see David Jacobs).

Finally, Cedric Benson’s body physical mass and overall profile has continued to change in a more massive way while his facial features transition into a rough and rugged mess relative to the clearer appearance when he was a Chicago Bear.


Reportedly on May of 2010, Cedric Benson was arrested for assault while patronizing yet another bar.  Accounts of the incident suggest that Cedric started a physical altercation with another patron inside of an Austin, Texas bar.  An employee of the bar asked Benson to leave the building.  It is stated that Benson responded to the employee’s request by punching the employee’s face.  Rumors are flying that the string of aggressive behavior is a manifestation of steroid induced “roid rage”.  Despite the Benson background and recent incident, the Bengals organization officially rejected the notion of placing Benson on suspension.  There may be a marked difference in the expectations of player on-field/off-field behavior between teams like the Texans/Bengals/Cowboys and the Bears. 

This story seems to be open-ended.  Steroid Analysis will pursue the conclusion of this matter with intentions to update the matter prior to the start of pre-season.  As the NFL unleashes its new steroid/HGH test format, there should be more NFL scandals for the 2010/2011 season.


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