Dallas and Rich: Dynamic Duo til Death

Overdosing on Stupidity

These guys are just dumb, stupid, screwy, flyin’ with no jets!!!

Speaking of which, this guy tried to board a jet at an Australian airport with this innovative item of apparel strapped to his midsection. No… it is not a bomb belt! Rather, it is a STEROID BELT!!!  The picture is courtesy Australian Customs.
aussie steroid belt

Isn’t it obvious that these 2 guys have (a) focused on upper body and (b) don’t know how to stop juicing beyond the point where they simply seem comical?  With features like these, they’re simply saying, “…hey girls!  My arms and deltoids are enormous.  Unfortunately, there’s nothin’ left in my jock strap!”  These are 2 perfect examples of distorted perceptions. The arms on the asian guy are so big that they resemble the kid (video shown at the top of this page) with the bicep damage as a result of his Synthol use. The asian guy doesn’t resemble a muscular frame at this point but something filled with infection.

The picture on the right was obtained from a bodyspace page while the guy on the left goes by the name “small jihad”. Response: Not with the M&Ms you’re packin’ in those trunks! Another example of distorted perception! What guy (in his right mind) would allow a picture of him to be taken like this??!! He looks like an anatomically incorrect action figure that you purchase for your 2-year old!! This is PROOF that steroids/HGH will eradicate male genitals. As a result of testicular atrophy, males seek restoration of both penis and testicles via HCG. Unfortunately, this chemical does NOT work well for this purpose and most steroid users are left with very little in this regard.

way too much1small jihad

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