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Contributors of STEROID ANALYSIS.com have done it again by finding a ‘jaw dropping’ documentary series unlike any other. A year ago, PBS introduced the series: SECRETS OF THE DEAD which covered a wide array of topics ranging from a WWII era Japanese mega-submarine, Winston Churchill, to the recent terrorist attacks in Mumbai (formerly Bombay ). Of particular interest to this website are a few editions that draw us back in time to the European origins of anabolic/androgenic steroids.

    SECRETS OF THE DEAD: Doping for Gold

This documentary series has been provided by PBS: WNET in New York City with  multiple installments of the ‘Doping for Gold’ that reveal many facts NOT covered in the muscle magazines or secretive bodybuilding forums. Question: Why would magazines and dark forums disclose news that would eradicate their primary source of revenue? By displaying the external results of steroid/HGH use while ignoring/understating the numerous internal side effects, magazines & forums can maintain the steady stream of income that is provided by ignorant athletes or gym rats.
doc image9 ulrich sunder doctor

PBS: WNET producers caught up to former steroid scientists, program administrators, and Olympic athletes who were forced to participate. You’ll simply be astonished at the logic behind the first steroid program and its roots to Communism for the sake of national pride. Ulrich Swinder details his contribution as East German doctor and head of the program while Dr. Rainer Hartwich methodically speaks of his actions as the Head of Clinical Research at Genepharm. Together, they’ve provided evidence entitled ‘State Plan 1475′ of collusion between the East German Athletic Department and the East German government which was based in Leitzig.

doc image7 evidenceEuropean state-sponsored doping program’s involved 6-year secretive tests involving oral turinobol. Notes were preserved and indicate that anabolic steroids were more impactful upon males and females with exceptionally lower natural testosterone levels. Contraceptives and medical forms of birth control were forced upon young female athletes to (a) avoid horrors of steroid induced birth defects and (b) to maintain uninterrupted physical training time by altering regularity of natural menstrual cycles.

doc image2 heidi kreiger - Copy

 Deeper into the series, the viewer’s visual palette of physical performance gains is altered by the inclusion of side effects. For instances, nearly all female participants observed:
1) Growth of Beards
2) Masculine vocal tones
3) Enlarged / Elongated Clitoris
4) Breast Cancer
5) Excessive Back, Leg, Pubic Hair
6) Warped / Enlarged Hands and Feet
7) Inflamed Ovaries women and Shrunken Testicles and Shortened Penises men

Oh… not to mention Mood Swings between Roid Rage and Depression which has been linked to high rates of suicide among bodybuilders, and wrestlers, football players.


doc image3 heidi kreiger - Copy

doc image17 andreas heidi kreiger







 It is quite amazing to see a female athlete; so disassociated from her natural sexuality (due to steroids) that , as a last resort, she orders a complete sex change.  She gives in and concedes to the path that her doctors and steroid use forced her down.  The photographs (shown above) are of former East German ‘phenomenon’ Heidi Kreiger.  Today, this person has adopted the name Andreas and is in a marital relationship to a female who is fully aware of Heidi’s background.  Heidi (now Andreas) is quite bitter about her history with steroids.

MTV-True Life: I DO STEROIDS and HBO-Real Sports Special are both cable television series which are available to the viewer regarding steroid use. It is our collective opinion at Steroid Analysis.com that these 2 productions may be a “good” view but are inferior to Secrets of the Dead: Doping for Gold which is produced by PBS:WNET in New York City .


Check your local listings in your area for the Doping for Gold installment.  We received advance consent from PBS:WNET to preview this documentary.  All photographs are courtesy PBS:WNET.

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