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Debate: Is It As Simple as ‘BLACK & WHITE’

There are stereotypes in the public domain about any and every type of person on the planet. When it comes to issues of strength, the common thought is that people of African heritage have an edge. We at www.steroidanalysis.com thought that it may be worthwhile to explore the origins of this belief and engage our viewers for their ideas on the matter.

Do African people, in Continental Africa or displaced throughout the globe, enjoy enhanced strength that enables them to excel at physical challenges? Does this possibility provide European and Asian people with Pseudo-Cause for their explorations into steroids and HGH? Is the concept of Black Strength just a reason to then justifies the belief that physical superiority is equally offset by intellectual inferiority? Are African people to be perceived as possessing reduced mental aptitude due to their physical prowess?

What do you think? Chime in — Don’t take the question personally — Be Mature when responding! At the end of this exercise, the administrators may offer their opinions. This discussion will undoubtedly continue on our Facebook page; keyword STEROIDANALYSIS

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