Dallas and Rich: Dynamic Duo til Death



Typically, we are filled with sorrows and much regret as the need arises to announce that a well known individual has died due to his/her steroid use. Today, we’re not so regretful but damn-tired! As we were publishing our post regarding the sudden death of Luke Wood, we received news that Art Atwood had died during the same hour.
Art Atwood was merely 37 years old and suffered a massive heart attack on September 11th of 2011 while at a pool party in Dallas. Attendees of the party saw Art walking along the pool’s edge and witnessed him fall into the water, unexpectedly. Immediately, many party goers rushed to pull him out but he’d already turned a pale blue color and the brief amount of time that he was submerged decreased the probability that Art died of drowning.

Art Atwood’s mass was always over-the-top which enabled him to carve out a presence in the muscle scene such as in magazines and unconventional web-based media. However, it was a shame that he had such a difficult time in reaching the same physique level as other ‘winning’ bodybuilders in his same weight class. Art was not exceptionally tall but received much notice for the width that he managed to carry on his frame.


Though this description would motivate novice bodybuilders and gym rats to pursue the same path that Art Atwood took, it may require a second review. I – Administrator, had the opportunity to personally observe Art as he worked out while preparing for guest posing engagements. Art’s breathing always seemed heavily labored and he had much difficulty walking a mere 10 to 20-feet (from one cable station to another).

As is the case with most bodybuilders, Art didn’t like to lift too heavy and most observers joked that his workouts were ‘half-ass’. Only since his death, are some of us able to reason that the steroid-induced destruction of the cardio-vascular system prevents most bodybuilders like Art from ramping up the intensity of their workouts.

Art Atwood left behind family and friends, including those that he grew up with in Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. Art also left behind his unique fan base and an interesting business partner; all who’re trying to minimize Art’s level of responsibility in all of this. Art’s business partner released a statement nearly same day of his September 11th, 2011 death in the attempt to attribute the fatal heart attack to some family history. Following our research efforts to locate previous statements that may support this notion, our results are null. There is nothing readily available in the public domain that can support the belief that Art Atwood, Luke Wood, Sergei ‘Aziz’ Shavershian, or anybody else had a pre-existing condition that (a) enabled them to naturally becoming hulking big but (b) was so powerful and stealthy that it caused a young bodybuilder to die such a painful and sudden death without ANY warning.

Though we offer our sympathies to the parents, we also question why there was NO intervention from the same set of friends and family to force Art off of his steroid/HGH driven lifestyle. Perhaps, this string of deaths will need to continue until a huge pile of dead bodybuilders awakens the collection of current/future steroid users who seek big gains from the least possible effort.


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