Dallas and Rich: Dynamic Duo til Death



2011 has been particularly difficult for us at www.steroidanalysis.com because of the continuous stream of sad news that we must report. Nonetheless, we do so with a heavy heart in the effort to complete the mosaic view of physical fitness and the esoteric world of steroids/HGH that plagues the notion of physical fitness.

With regret, we inform our viewers that Luke Wood died on September 6th, 2011 of kidney failure. In 2009, Luke Wood retired from the world of bodybuilding after his kidneys failed him; noting that kidney and liver failure are among the most lethal (fatal) side-effects from steroid use. The medical staff at Westmead Hospital in Sydney, Australia recently operated on Luke Wood in the attempted to provide donor organs but it was reported that Wood’s body rejected the donated kidneys and Luke finally passed away at the tender age of 35.

Luke Wood left behind parents, siblings, and a fiance’ who was eager to marry him in the near future. Furthermore, Luke left behind an Aussie fan base that he’d generated after becoming the youngest competitor to reach the ’professional’ bodybuilding level. Luke was a personal trainer at Bankstown Train Station Gym but made much income from the sponsorship of bodybuilding DVDs & supplements.

Members of the Luke Wood’s fan base have hit several bodybuilding forums with the obvious intent to (a) protect the Wood’s legacy that they’d bought into, (b) honor and pay respect to Luke’s remaining family members, and (c) redirect responsibility to anyone other than Luke Woods himself. There’s been mention that Luke obtained his supply steroids from other notable bodybuilders. Most members of bodybuilding forums/message boards are quite bold and not ashamed of their steroid/HGH use (even as their friends died around them from steroid side effects). GeorgeFarah 1

A group of board members even point to George Farah who some have linked to supplying steroid/HGH inventory along with detailed instructions for effective use thereof. One member of www.getbig.com wrote, “…Farah’s doin this, Farah’s doin that…sure… He never told me anything like that… He told me to use 12.5 mcg T3… My client hasn’t even used T3, GH and anti estrogen (he just didn’t have those stuffs on hand)…still he won the NPC Mr. Florida…”
The Australian bodybuilding scene was just rocked by the death of Sergei ‘Aziz’ Shaversian. Sergei was only 22-years old and died of a massive heart attack while patronizing a sauna salon in nearby Thailand. Sergei was a Russian immigrant who began his steroid use early and aggressively in order to facilitate his career goals as both a bodybuilder and part-time stripper.
Sergei 1
Sergei’s mother, herself, attempted to mute the impact of her son’s decision by suggesting that he suffered from a mysterious heart condition. No one has substantiated her claim and she hasn’t offered anything to validate her own statments.

We, at www.steroidanalysis.com, continue our quest to inform the public of the undeniable physical/legal dangers that lurk beneath the overbuild of muscles that attract so many young men & women to this subculture. There are many sayings surrounding this environment including, “…what happens in the clubhouse says in the clubhouse.” Yet, there’s another saying that circulates though it is painful to both say and hear. Perhaps, the death of Luke Woods will reduce the need to remind potential/current users that, “…BODYBUILDERS DIE YOUNG!”

Pictures courtesy of www.LukeWood.com
Pictures courtesy of The Sydney Herald

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