Dallas and Rich: Dynamic Duo til Death

Deaths Within Gay Community

Update: July 18, 2011


Within the last 2 weeks, the gay community has been rocked by the sudden death of a young bodybuilder referred to as James Naughtin. We here at www.steroidanalysis.com received an email notifying us of who this individual was and how his life ended. Apparently, he was a steroid using bodybuilder who primarily earned a living in the gay pornography industry under the name ‘Erik Rhodes’. According to wikipedia, James Naughtin was a troubled individual who openly shared information about his gay lifestyle as well as uncontrolled use of both steroids, HGH, and hardcore drugs.

James isn’t the only person of this demographic to suffer the ultimate steroids side efffect. Tom Howard, Robert Sager aka ‘Brett Mycels’, and countless others have also experienced heart attacks, internal organ failure, and roid rage/suicide as a result of their steroid use. Meanwhile, CBS News Radio reported a significant increase in steroid and ecstasy usage among homosexual males. According to published works available in the public domain, a majority of gay male steroid users begin their steroid use after they’ve already begun to work in the gay porn entertainment industry.

Producers of gay porn provide their ‘actors’ with the illegal drugs in the effort to increase the value of their videos. However, some gay producers are becoming more bold and making scouting for future talent at local bodybuilding/physique shows. Bodybuilders are oftentimes willing to work in this segment of the sex industry due to the high costs associated with constant steroid use. In fact, many straight bodybuilders are willing to engage in gay sex acts; servicing the demands of some wealthy gay males in exchange for even higher compensation. Another well-known bodybuilder — Andy Bick (aka Zebr Atlas) has posted a vast quantity of content through the gay porn industry and available in the public domain.

James Naughtin fit this description and engaged in many things for the sake of money. James Naughtin was born in 1982, resided in New York, and died on June 14th, 2012 of a massive heart attack. He was also HIV positive.

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