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Update: July 18, 2011

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Reported in an earlier www.steroidanalysis.com article, Jose Canseco embarked upon an anti-steroid campaign which coincided with the release of a tell-all book entitled Juiced. The purpose of the publication was to disclose all of the concealed dirty secrets regarding steroids and Major League Baseball. Canseco promoted the book on both daytime and late night talk shows with candid discussions that led viewers to believe that he was finally renouncing steroids. During a recent ESPN interview, Jose Canseco stated that, “…he regrets his steroid use and believed performance enhancing drugs to be vastly overrated.” He even outed his twin brother Osvaldo “Ozzie” Canseco for his own steroid-using indiscretions. Jose was a maestro as he portrayed himself to be a converted athlete who’d pursue other athletic goals including mixed martial arts, minor league ball, and wrestling.

Only within the last few months, has the true Jose Canseco revealed his current form which looks much like the old version. In another steroid-oriented blog, Jose Canseco finds his comfort zone and soon begins to spurt out anything and everything that he’s determined to be worthwhile. He’s sounded off on the Roger Clemens retrial but caught our attention after attacking one of our highly regarded web-partners.

The Taylor Hooton Foundation is a well run organization which was founded by the family of Donald Hooton after his son – Taylor Hooton experienced a common & lethal side effect of steroid use. While competing in both highschool level baseball and football, 16-year old Taylor Hooton took his life and forever disrupted the love and happiness that embodied the Hooton household. Since then, the Hooton family has dedicated much of their time and money to developing their non-profit organization into a potent tool whereby unfiltered information regarding steroid use can be found. Though their targeted demographic involves youthful potential first-time users, the Taylor Hooton Foundation’s core message is sought by many. They’ve been interviewed by network news outlets and even appeared in the film “Bigger Stronger Faster”.

It was the segment of that film that Jose Canseco is basing his latest opinion on. Chris Bell interviews Donald Hooton who tells us that Taylor was taking a prescribed anti-depressant Lexapro. Donald continues to talk and believes that chemical reactions caused imbalances about the brain which were the root cause of Taylor’s suicide attempt. After viewing the film, there is no where that showed Donald Hooton attributing the awful sequence of events to the use of Lexapro. Jose views the film and repackages the statement as though (a) he originated the idea and (b) is an expert on steroids to be able to identify and adequately explain pharmaceutical cause and effect.

Those involved in our website www.steroidanalysis.com have made several attempts to contact Jose Canseco but have been unsuccessful in doing so. We were, however, quite successful in speaking to Don Hooton, Taylor’s brother who did confirm that Taylor was on the drug Lexapro prior to his suicide attempt. We have confirmed that there is a slight risk of suicidal tendencies/contemplations while on the prescribed medication. However, we’ve also been told that the risk is not excessive or else it would not have been made available to the public via a doctor’s recommendation and close oversight.

Canseco failed to read a full toxicology report (assuming that he’d be privy to one) or even attempt to confirm timeline. Don Hooton said that he and his brother often discussed the impact of his steroid use; including the unexpected things that it was doing to Taylor’s body. More important to the topic, Taylor noted the weird thoughts that he was having even before he began taking Lexapro.

At this point, we at www.steroidanalysis.com are confident that Taylor Hooton began taking steroids prior to Lexapro, and exhibited behavior consistent with individuals suffering from Roid Rage which can involve suicide/murder-suicide. We’re still puzzled as to why Jose Canseco offered his voice to a subject area that was so beyond his limited mental skill-set. Why would a person wish to be perceived as THE expert on steroids after supposedly washing his hands of the subculture in such dramatic fashion throughout the American news circuit?

Even after his book was released, Jose Canseco has been arrested for crossing the American/Mexican border with large quantities of steroids and HCG. In early 2012, Jose Canseco was banned from playing in a Mexican Baseball league after allegations of engaging in banned substances. For a while during this episode, Canseco refused to take a drug test but later actually ADMITTED TO TAKING TESTOSTERONE.

It is quite possible that years of drug use (not isolated to steroids/HGH) have taken a toll on the former baseball player. With few money-making options left for him, Jose has isolated and contradicted himself too many times. His babblings are endless and pointless with only illegitimate options that remain. May Canseco resort to media forms that require shock value? May Jose turn to immoral media forms including gay pornography to earn wages? We certainly hope that these events do not come to fruition but rather wish that he seek the psychological assistance that is apparently needed.


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