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Armstrong’s Race to Weak Form Confession

Update: July 18, 2011



As a preview to Oprah’s interview with disgraced cyclist – Lance Armstrong, there are key points that you should look for during Thursday’s presentation. Airing Thursday, January 17th 2013 on the OWN, the competitive world of sports will be rocked by one of the most crucial confessions ever. Plagued by years of doping allegations, Lance Armstrong’s Monday interview with Oprah Winfrey will reveal conspiracies, shatter dreams, relieve those who participated in Lance’s elaborate schemes, and shed truth on the entire cycling community.


Recall that during at least 12-years, Lance Armstrong has denied ever using steroids, HGH, Blood Doping, or any other performance enhancing drug (PED). He’s testified before United States federal agents and repeated his position emphatically during numerous televised interviews. Armstrong noted how the first allegations began in 1998 and stated to federal agents that, “…when I pissed into the bottle, having not taken PEDs, there was no EPO (a favored blood doping drug that boosts red blood cell count) in the bottle that I pissed or urinated in.”

During an segment on CNN in August of 2005, Lance Armstrong said, “I have never doped! I can say it again but I’ve said it for 7-years!” and later the Armstrong cycling team released a televised advertisement with Armstrongs voice saying “Everybody wants to know what I’m on. What I am on?! I’m on my bike…everyday…bustin’ my ass!”


Following the Monday interview, Oprah Winfrey’s accounts of the interview began with a serious sounding disclaimer as she informed viewers that, “We – Lance Armstrong and I, agreed that there would be no conditions on this interview and that this would be open.” Whereas ABC News reported that Lance Armstrong’s statements acknowledged untruthful testimonies, Oprah had a slightly different understanding. Speaking to CBS News, Oprah stated, “He answered questions in a way that he was prepared for.” This suggests that Lance’s legal counsel instructed the former cyclist to restrict his confession in light of implications with serious consequences. Oprah goes on to say, “…he did NOT COME CLEAN in the manner that I expected…I was surprised.”

Some how, ABC News still suggested that Lance Armstrong admitted to blood transfusions as often as 2 times per every 3 weeks. ABC also states Lance referred to EPO and testosterone use, including Cortisones. Shocking to most was the mention of Actovegin which is actually Bovine Blood Extract.


During other interviews with former teammate – Floyd Landis, Lance Armstrong’s steroid use seemed to spiral out of control as he states all team members injecting drugs during road side stops on the team bus. Former assistant – Betsy Andreu had a mixed review during an ABC 20/20 interview as she affirms “lots of damage caused by Lance Armstrong…” who often trashed anyone’s reputation who would not agree to the code of silence involving Armstrong’s complicated doping conspiracy. Meanwhile, the Armstrong confession has other perils. The International Cyclilng or Cycliste Union – UCI, has long been accused of being too accommodating to steroid/HGH/EPO using cyclists. Moreover, WADA and USADA have expressed concerns over the UCI which appeared to obstruct other doping investigations. This runs contrary to the constitution of the UCI which, at least in writing, is supposed to uphold the principles of (a) Transparency, (b) Independence, and (c) Objectivity. Armstrong appears to be willing to tear down the entire sport; pulling the veil of secrecy off of the sport of cycling that has been engulfed in numerous steroid allegations. In fact, the matter is so enormous that a group entitled CHANGE CYCLING NOW has emerged, at the assistance of Greg LeMonde, with demands to scrap, rebuild, and reform the sport.


The United States and Lance Armstrong’s USPS cycling team are NOT the only ones who are guilty. Germany’s Robert Forstemann is reportedly a heavy steroid users and often relies on his disproportioned legs to power him through cycling events throughout Europe. He – too, will face a different media that once cheered him for the sake of Germany’s national pride. At last check back in America, federal officials are not satisfied with Lance’s recent efforts as his USPS sponsorship provided greater than $40 million to the team during his competitive cycling tenure; though, he’s only offered to repay $5 million.


Photos are courtesy, CNN, Associated Press, ABC News, BuzzFeed, and the United States Department of Justice

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