Dallas and Rich: Dynamic Duo til Death


Update: July 18, 2011

gkoufalis2 apr2008 236lbs

George Koufalis-former competitive bodybuilder swiftly gained notoriety during the early 2000s as a shooting star among amateur bodybuilding competitors. The Koufalis physique gained traction throughout the bodybuilding subculture by generating revenue from photo shoots that were published in muscle magazines and internet sites.

In 2004, the United States Department of Justice initiated a major undertaking named Operation Roid Runner involving an East Coast supply chain of drugs and weapons. The analysis began in the fall of 2007 according to Pennsylvania Attorney General Tom Corbett. Over five years, it allegedly brought more than $170,000 worth of steroids from China and Mexico into Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Participants included members of local law enforcement as well as bodybuilders who were also personal trainers at area gyms. Unfortunately, George Koufalis was one of many targets of this ‘open’ and quite active investigation.  At the time, George was 34 years old and soon faced 2 counts of conspiracy to deliver steroids/controlled substance; 1 count possession with the intent to deliver; 1 count of possession of drug paraphernalia; and 1 count of criminal conspiracy.

What resulted was a number of years through the Pennsylvania corrections system which denied him access to the steroid/HGH stack that built George Koufalis’ juiced up body. In an amazingly brief amount of time, George would undergo a tremendous body change; morphing from a hulking and imposing figure to a more current pale and narrow frame. The sight of George Koufalis’ considerable loss of muscle mass (even sporting a concaved upper chest) resembled an individual in poor health rather than the average man.
2008 gkoufalis 236

George Koufalis’ transformation serves as a lesson to young males who consider beefing up their bodies by swallowing/injecting/smearing steroids. Realize that muscle loss occurs immediately – the moment that a steroid cycle is skipped. Before long, the lies about dedication, diet, and workout intensity are revealed and the users are further humiliated.
2010 gkoufalis 205

On his profile at www.bodybuilding.com, George Koufalis has renounced his steroid use and stated that, on a ‘going forward’ basis, he’s only engaging in Natural bodybuilding. Since most competing bodybuilders have stacked steroids and HGH for a significant period of time, we at www.steroidanalysis.com know that addiction is an underestimated side-effect that is nearly insurmountable. We will watch this former titan to determine whether he has adhered to his oath or simply offered Lip Service.

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