Dallas and Rich: Dynamic Duo til Death


Update: September 5, 2013
PROOF THAT IT ALL CATCHES UP TO YOU is more evident than ever before in this next true and quite tragic story.
If you ever follow the latest bodybuilding news out of Europe you’re likely up-to-date with all the details from the revitalized bodybuilding scene. It seems as though everyone is quite pleased with the level of enthusiasm and money that circulates throughout this subculture. Well they WERE pleased until we reached 2013.

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If you’ve visited this website www.steroidanalysis.com or our facebook / twitter pages, you’re aware of all of the high profile bodybuilders who’ve died within the year and points-prior. We’ve expressed our sympathies, rage, terseness, cold reactions, etc… Despite our various approaches, a mental disconnect persists that we can not explain. As we read the steroid forums, we are frustrated by the level of denial relative to steroid side-effects. However, we’re pleased to read more forum members who are properly linking the string of bodybuilder deaths to pharmaceuticals and their consequences.

Daniele Seccarecci was a well known bodybuilder throughout European Italian muscle community. Some of the first victories for the 6′-1″(175cm) – 280 lbs (95kg) giant were achieved in 2000 at the Grand Prix on Venice Beach as Seccarecci placed 11th in his Junior Class. He also reached 11th place in Junior Class a year later at the Campionati Italiania. Eventually, he’d place closer to 2nd and 3rd place at other Italian bodybuilding shows though there were times where he failed to place at Austrian and Romanian competitions. Nearly one month ago, Daniele made one of his better placements as he finished 6th at the IFBB Nordic Pro Championships.

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As is the case with the combination of steroids and bodybuilding, the image of ultimate health can come shattering down in an instant. This was true of former 2013 bodybuilder/steroid deaths and recently realized by Daniele Seccarecci. Most bodybuilding blogs reported the death of Seccarecci following a massive heart attack. At nearly 40 years of age, this was not expected by his family members and fans who religiously followed his bodybuilding pursuits at shows and via social media.

In the effort to deflect attention from the true cause of Daniele’s ultimate demise, aggressive bloggers are now spreading mis-information; suggesting that prior activities may’ve caused the violent cardiac arrest rather than pharmas. Some even attribute Seccaracci’s use of diuretics in preparation for the Nordic Pro as a plausible cause while others are borrowing from former tired and lame excuses that were erroneously argued after Nasser el Sonbaty’s and Matt Duvall’s deaths.


We at www.steroidanalysis.com do not pretend to be in the position to conduct and distribute results of an autopsy regarding any of the deaths reported. However, WE ARE NO FOOLS AND REJECT ANY ATTEMPT TO MITIGATE/THWART OR OTHERWISE FAIL TO RESPONSIBLY (THOUGH WITH A DEGREE OF SENSITIVITY) COVER THE CAUSE-AND-EFFECT RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN STEROID USE AND WELL-KNOWN SIDE EFFECTS!!!
In fact, cardio-vascular disease with increased risk for heart attacks and other failure(s) about the aortic valve are the leading cause of death among steroid-using bodybuilders, wrestlers, and mis-guided gym rats. As the heart enlarges, the heart wall thickens, blood pressure rises, and the heart struggles to beat in accordance to blood pressure and the body’s electrical charge. Something must give under these prolonged circumstances which is typically a catastrophic failure about the aortic valve. This form of failure comes with an intensity level that is much greater than that experienced by an elderly person

Bodybuilders and professional wrestlers, who’re also bloggers, try to pretend that they’re 100% natural. Therefore, “…steroids couldn’t have played a role since this person never took them to begin with.” We’ve read a few regrettable statements like this one on steroid message boards and rebuke them by revisiting one segment of Daniele Seccarecci’s journey.

Daniele thinking.jpg
Photo to the right is courtesty of www.danieleseccarecci.com

On October 11th, 2011, TM News in Italy reported that Daniele Seccarecci was arrested in Milan on counts of receiving stolen property and doping charges. At that time, Daniele had just returned from the Olympia bodybuilding competition in Las Vegas and was placed under house arrest. TM News went further to report that his legal representative was able to make the argument that Daniele’s special medical needs were incompatible with rules of the Italian penal system. It was rumored that the drugs that Daniele (supposedly) needed were illegal and would not be made available within local correctional facilities. Nonetheless, the judicial system granted Seccaracci’s highly irregular request for home confinement.

As was the case with other bodybuilders who’ve died suddenly in 2013, Seccarecci’s illicit activities may’ve been a part of a larger international conspiracy to traffic steroids, weapons, and stolen property. During Seccarecci’s arrest, another participant – Giuseppe Pellegrino of Salerno, was being sought for distribution through the 2 elite gyms that he owned in both Salerno and Milan.

Undoubtedly, the deaths will continue to stack up with ΒΌ of the year remaining though we’d be curious to see whether there is finally an awakening that reduces steroid/hgh demand among potential users. Certainly, Daniele will be missed by those who revolved closest to his Italian orbit. We at www.steroidanalysis.com searched long and hard but could not find a smirk or example whereby he used his body size to intimidate others. Nonetheless, as did Ed Van Amsterdam, Daniele certainly made a colossal miscalculation with his decision to take steroids. Too bad!


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