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Update: September 5, 2013

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Over the years, we’ve received comments from you requesting coverage of the matter of shrunken testicles. We must concede that we’ve avoided the issue for too long. A deliberate article on the subject is quite necessary given the scale and scope of this common steroid/hormone side-effect. Blog members have joked about big bodybuilders and wrestlers and their Special Shortcomings that are most apparent during competitions. It is time… it is well past the time to talk about SHRINKAGE.

The purpose of this article is not to ridicule or personally injure the reputations of individuals under the influence of steroids or hormones. Rather, we purpose to offer a balanced blend of testimonials, science, and visuals to present the reader with as much information that he/she may require. If you are a under the age of 18 years, this subject matter may not be suitable for you. Please consult your parent, guardian, and/or teacher prior to further reading this article.

Regarding male health matters, there are3 predominate cell types that comprise the human testicular structure. Aside from skin and tissues that encase the testicles, (a) Leydig cells exist to produce testosterone, (b) Sertoli germ cells are responsible for spermatogenic lineage, and (c) basal lamina and myoid cells exist as well. Leydig and Sertoli cell types are ordinarily balanced 50/50 when there are aren’t further medical issues at play for a healthy male.

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Normal testicles are often round, full, and firm for typical males who’re not subject to special circumstances such as trauma or medication. Meanwhile, unhealthy testes may decline for various reasons which may have an adverse impact on fluid levels, seminal chemistry. Testicles that atrophy often become visibly smaller (the size reduction may occur in one or both testicles) or be accompanied by some discomfort. Initially, the Leydig and/or Sertoli cells begin to die off but ultimate effects may involve testicular cancer. Some believe that this physiological change to male genitalia is limited to the testicles while others have also noted shortenedd penis lengths at the same time that their testicles were shrinking.

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Though testicular atrophy can occur naturally, our concern at www.steroidanalysis.com is when such experiences occur following steroid/hormone cycles. When a young male administers steroids and/or hormones, he is receiving an artificial substitute to natural testosterone. As soon as this occurs, a series of subsequent events happens that are critical in understanding why a man’s nuts react in such an undesirable way. First, the presence of artificial hormones tricks the body into thinking that its quota has been met. As a result, the need to produce more hormone is reduced; sometimes, to the extent that the body never produces natural testosterone again. Second, the chemical is internally routed to the pituitary gland where it forms a groove about the surface of the brain in that region. Pooling of the brain’s natural chemicals occurs in this newly formed groove which is then polluted by the injected steroids and/or hormones. Soon thereafter, the hypothalamus and the hypothalamus duct are compromised; from the brain stem down to the testicles.

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We should note that the act of intentionally & permanently impeding the body’s ability to naturally produce testosterone is a very drastic undertaking. It is a growing trend that has steroid users intentionally over-consuming steroids/hormones in order to max-out their hormone levels. This creates a pseudo-legitimate reason to undergo Low-T hormone replacement therapy. In doing so, opportunistic doctors can prescribed steroids to bodybuilders and wrestlers without fear of disciplinary action.

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In this article, we see some illustrations of bodybuilders with unusually small testicles as well as short penises. As an immediate retort, many bodybuilders imply that there is no true shrinkage but an optical illusion when their packages are contrasted against large quadriceps. One method to assess abnormality is to compare genital sizes against another body part that would NOT be impacted by steroids. For example, use a man’s nose, finger, and head to gauge what seems appropriate.

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Due to unflattering impressions during competitions, many bodybuilders purchase posing trunks with built-in padding to give the impression of larger genitalia. Otherwise, many insert objects into their posing trunks such as socks, clay, and children’s toys.


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